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Welcome to HSP. This is a technology site. We can use it as your choice but you will have to follow some rule for comment & writing post and for our article.

Comment Rules: Same as article writing rules.

Article Writing Rules:

1) You cannot spam in this website.
2) Don’t give your personal information in comment.
3) Don’t use hard-talking or like attacking someone.
4) Don’t give any PTC or MLM site address.
5) Don’t post any money earning, earning tricks link or web address in comment without permission. You can contact with us for permission.
6) Don’t post any nudity content in HSP.

If you have any complaint or suggestion than please contact with us.

1) You can only write Article about Technology.
2) Don’t write about PTC or MLM sites in HSP.
3) Don’t use hard-talking in writing any article.
4) Don’t post any affiliate marketing link in any Article.
5) Don’t post any copyright image, content or other thing.
6) Don’t post any nudity/pornography content in this website.

If you want to write for us than please contact at

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