Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setup Windows XP within 10 minutes!

Today I am sharing such tips that is known to many but this post is for those who don’t know yet. Usually it will take 40 minutes to setup windows XP. From now we will setup windows XP within 10 minutes. Let’s come how to so this?

Insert the windows CD at CD or DVD rom. After booth when all fill has load you can see an Option.

Select your chosen drive. Now select the format system to NTFS or FAT.

When format finished all necessary file will copy automatically in your computer. After copy the computer will restart automatically but you should press Enter button to restart manually.

After rebooth you can see another screen it will take 40 minutes to set up windows to your computer.

Now press Shift+F10 from your key board. You can see command prompot.

Enter “Taskmgr” then task manager will open. Click at Process tab and find “setup.exe”
Right click at “setup.exe” then click at “Set Priority” from there select High

Now see the magic!

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  1. From now we can save 30 minutes. What a great idea. Thanks boss