Friday, January 11, 2013

Eye is the windows of the mind and body

Eye is the windows of the mind and body and must be it isthe window of brain.Eye is the easiest way to check the blood vessels. Scientistinformed us that if brains have some problems, it first captured our eye. ''Itcan be said that the possibility of determination what is happening in theother parts of the body, especially in the brain by using eyes much more''-saiddr. Elister Barbar, department of neurology of harse medicine of pan stateuniversity. He also added-''retina can easily see any object but brain can't''.''There is a link between eyes and brain''-is known by the research. The studyof this experiment of neurology was conducted on women's health.
Epidemiologist and biostatistician researcher Meri Hanconducted his research for 10years. There is a link between eye diseases andthe ability of brain which was conducted on 511women and this age limit was atleast 65years.
Researching students were showed the picture of retina ofparticipants of the research. After their careful experiment, it was noticed thatthere is a problem in the blood carrying vessels of retina of 39women or7.6percent of total women which is called retinopathy diseases.
Retinopathy means blood vessels unusual diffusion. Generallyconsumption of retinopathy is a symptom of diabetics. According to theinformation of the survey, it is known by the MRI scan that the women who have retinopathydiseases the blood carrying vessels of their brains are slowly influenced andthe fibers of brain are also affected by it. So ,the risk of minor strokeincreases day by day.

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