Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 3 Adsense Placement Tips for Higher Revenue

If you are using Google Adsense to Monetize your Blog, then you must know these Adsense Placement Tips for getting Higher Revenue and Increasing your CTR.  many news bloggers and webmasters don’t have idea where to paste Adsense Codes, They just implement Adsense Code anywhere on their blog with their own Mind. and Hence they are not able to Earn Higher Income and also gets banned because of Low CTR, My friends and many user’s have asked me some Adsense Placement Tips for them here is the Top 3 Recommended Layout to Paste your Adsense codes, Lets see it in Details

Best Adsense Placement Tips

Adsense Placement
Every Adsense user looks for higher revenue from Adsense and Search for a Dream position for Adsense Advertisements on their Blogs and website to Earn more number of Clicks and CTR in a Honest Way, Its always hard to Survive on Google Adsense, Newbies and new bloggers get bans from Adsense as they are not fully aware of Google Adsense terms and Policy. Well coming on the Adsense Placement Point  There are 3 Best Layouts to Place Adsense Ads for Good impressions and Higher CTR, and Its Officially Approved from Google Team, so you don’t need to Worry.

Why a web-surfer clicks Adsense Ads?

This Might be a Questions clicking on your Mind, as you must be thinking you have never clicked any Adsense Ads in your Life, Then why Other clicks it. here are the Answere
By understanding the psychology of your blog visitors, you have to strategically place AdSense Ads to fulfill their needs. Basically there are 3 types of AdSense clickers 
  • Impulsive clickers: These are the visitors who lands-up on your blog and click AdSense Ads out of compulsion. This type of web-readers have very less attention span and quite impulsive.
  • Semi-impulsive clickers: These type of visitors are information seekers but usually click an AdSense in the midway of the article, in search of better information.
  • Information seeking clickers: There are the visitors who read your article till the end and click an AdSense Ads to gather more information. This type of web-readers show great patience.

What are the Rules for Adsense by Google?

If you are a Settled Blogger and old Adsesne user’s then you might be knowing Google’s Rules for Adsense, but for new Ones here are the Official Rules from Google on Adsense Placement
  1. Don’t encourage accidental clicks by mimicking menu, navigation, or download links.
  2. Don’t encourage users to click by placing Ads under misleading headings such as Related links, Recommended sites, My favorite sites, Latest news etc.
  3.  Don’t confuse users by aligning images with AdSense Ads., Google will ban you if you adsense Ads is align with Images
  4. Don’t format content to mimic Ads.
  5. Don’t push your content below the fold by putting Google Ads.

Top 3 Adsense Placement Layouts

Now if you have learnt psychology of your blog readers, I will tell you the best Ads Placement options for higher Revenue.
Generally, Ads which are placed above the fold perform much better than those below the fold. Ads near LOGO, below navigation, or near rich content usually attract more clicks.
1. This Adsense Placement Layout will generate Much Revenue then your Old Placements, as When A user Lands on your Blog there is much chances he/she will click on Header Ad which is beside Logo.
May be an inpatience reader will click n the Sidebar Ad unit when reading your Blog Post.
In case, user the complete article, there is high chances that he might click the below content AdSense unit.
Best Adsense Placement Tips2. To be honest this is My favorite Adsense Placement Layout, because there is much possibility when a Users land on my blog he can click below navigation Ads as it requires very less mouse movement. Even semi-impulsive readers also click this type of Ad placement.
The sidebar and below content AdSense units are there for information seeking clickers.

This Layout is Just OK! Most New Bloggers Use it. IN this Placement you are compromising with your Reader with placing Ads almost in the content, just below the navigation bar but parallel to the content. It seems, as if you are giving more importance to the Ad unit than the content itself.
Rest two units, in the middle of the sidebar and below the content are as usual.
Don’t expect too many clicks in this type of layout.

Google’s View On Adsense Placement

Google-AdSense-Heat-mapOn The Google’s Recommendation the Dark Orange Color Area Gives the maximum Clicks,(performs strongest).
TheLight yellow Color Area will lead you Minimum Clicks, performs Weakest. you should Not Place your on Light Yellow color Area as on your Blog.
This heat map by Google provides a rough idea for placement of AdSense Ads in all types of blogs and websites. But, finally it’s up to you to decide the best possible placements.

So its was All about best Adsense Ads Placement for your Blog, So which is your Favorite Ad Spot or which Ad Layout have you immplemented on, Do let us know through Comments . Stay Updated with us for More Money making Tips. Stay Blesssed:)


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