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How To Get Money Without Adsense

Are you searching for a way to make money onlie? Google Adsense would be one of the best choices because Google has proven itself as a leader in the entire web space through their adwords and adsense program. Google AdSense seems to be an essential part of any
website where the publisher seeks to keep quality content available for free. However, what whether you are not accepted into the Google AdSense program, or you don't want to do business with Google. Sometimes publisher or a blogger also required to take a look at the alternatives of Google Adsene to make money online just because Google has banned a publisher account for click fraud or not adhering to their policy.
Perhaps if that may be not the case and you are having an adsense account. There are a number of contextual ad programs which you can run along with Google Adsense to make some extra cash online.

There are lots of contextual advertising network currently offered on the internet and it may confuse you to opt a better alternative of Adsense. So here you can go with my personal top 5 Google Adsense alternatives recommendations to make money online. But before choosing an alternative to Google Adsense, I would suggest to check out what kind of traffic you are generating to your blog.
1) Adbrite

According to me, Adbrite is currently probably the most popular ad networks after Google Adsense to make money online. The most efficient feature I like about Adbrite is, approval and rejection of each advertisement in users' control before it's displayed on their websites or blogs. It helps to display advertisement related to the content of your blog. Furthermore you are allowed to modify the style of advertisement according to your blog format. Adbrite offers ads by content, banners, in-line text ads(such as Kontera or Infolink), and full page ads. To make money through Adbrite, You need to register with their website and they will your website/blog withing couple of days.

Payout: 100$ or you can choose.

2) Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is another good alternative of Google Adsense. It's somewhat similar to Google Adsense and offering you only contextual and feed advertisements. Their ad formats look such as Google Adsense ads. The most important thing I like about Bidvertiser is that they offer your ad space to the highest bidder. So Bidvertiser could be a good choice for you. However, these ads cannot be used along with Adsense but it could be a great choice if you are not having an adsense account.

Payment: Paypal and Checks. Payout: Min $25 by Check, Paypal min $10

3) Infolinks

In-text ads (also called inline ads) are presently on the edge of becoming standard practice. You can now find In-text ads all over the web, covering billions of page views and generate millions of dollars in revenue. And Infolinks is leading the in-text ads providers. Upon a mouse hove on double-underlined links, a small bubble holding an advertisement will be opened up. You will generate revenue when your visitors will click on those links. This is the basic ad formate of Infolinks. It could be a good choice for blogs which are generation high traffic. It's pretty easy to setup. Register with Infolinks website, copy and paste a short JavaScript code on your blog and your accounts will be reviewd within 24 hours.

Payment: PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH Minimum payout: $50

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4) Kontera

Kontera is the second most popular inline text ad network. HubPages also allows revenue sharing using Kontera In-Text ads. You just need to add your Go in your HuPage Account, click on Affiliate Settings, add your Kontera Affiliate Code in the field of Kontera and you are done. Now onwards, each time you create a new Hub, Hubpages embeds Kontera In-Text advertising for you. Your blog will require good page impression to get approval in Kontera. However, they offers good customer support and pays on time. What I like about Kontera is their affiliate program. Kontera has it's own affiliate program which can help you make some extra cash. If a publisher sign up through your affiliate link, you will receive a bonus of 10% of their Net Revenue for the first year with Kontera. However, I would suggest to go through their terms and condition before you go with Kontera Affiliate Program.

Payment: PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH (Only for U.S. bank accounts) Minimum payout: $50

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5) Chitika

Chitika was founded in 2003 and having hundreds of name brand advertisers and merchants. Chitika could be a good alternative if your blog is all about review and promoting products. Do strong keyword research on a product your are going to promote and you will earn better with Chitika. We also use Chitka for our blog.

Payment: Paypal and checks. Minimum Payout: $10 for Paypal, $50 for checks.


Why Money Is The Most Important Thing Of The World?

There are many other ways to make money online. If you are good in writing fresh, informative and original content, you can start making money on HubPage itself using Amazone and Ebay Affiliate Programs.

Do you have feedback of using any of Google Adsense alternatives? We will appreciate if you would like to share them below in comment box.


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