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The Right Way To Sell Insurance

How To Sell Insurance.

So you want to be an insurance salesman but first you need to learn how to sell insurance.

Really things couldn't be easier. First thing you need to do is go to school for 6 months to learn an entire different type of math that you have been learning through your entire school years.  Its the math of showing people why they need more and less is never any good.

Now you have to graduate and show the people that you really have grasped the concept of screwing people over.  You will be taught how to lie with a straight face and have people believing your every word.

You will have to trade in your jeans and t shirt for a suit and tie to make yourself look important and make it look like you actually have a clue.  Don't cheap out on the suit.  The better the suit the more believable you are.

On top of all that I can personally guarantee you will make all kinds of money selling people stuff they don't need so you can go out and buy that fancy car before you even get started. After all you don't want to show up at a perspective clients house and look like an everyday person.
Insurance agents can go on like this forever.

The final thing you will need to do is go to the top insurance companies and show them how you are willing to do what ever it takes to empty clients bank accounts and you will have a job. Heck in most cases the company will even reward you with a laptop with all their trade secrets on it.  Well really only the secrets you need to convince people their world will end without your many services.

 How To Sell Insurance-Lets Start With Vehicles

If you want to learn how to sell insurance then you will almost definitely need to learn all about automobile insurance.

Well you don't really need to learn everything about it. After all what is there to learn. We all know that it is the law to have insurance so everyone has to have it.

Basically you need to punch in a few things into the computer and watch it spit out numbers that are usually reserved for the likes of Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

Now all you need to do is receive the money from the customer who at this point wants to stick a knife in your heart.

To make even more money you may want to sell some different options that you know the customer will never need but you also know its time you bought a new boat so you need to pad the jeans a little bit.

So now you need to learn how to sell insurance that no one needs. Not to worry though, this actually comes quite easy once you pay attention to the little tricks your co workers use.

The biggest and best trick to sell any insurance is always pit one person against the other. 

Like tell the husband that without something and if his wife accidentally runs over the cell phone or something like that. Now she wont be covered. So that little option is another 1.33 dollars per thousand.
Beware though.  You never want to tell the client that if something happens your company is going to make it as difficult as possible for you to ever collect a red cent.

How To Sell Insurance - Don't let Your House Burn Down
OK, as you move along and learn how to sell insurance better and better you will move into the field of house and contents insurance.

This is where you really learn to make other peoples lives miserable. Its really funny how this all works. You start collecting the money immediately but make the client jump through hoops before the policy ever kicks in.

You let your client know they need a home inspection. Of course the 4 or 5 hundred dollars has to come out of their pockets. Then you let the client know everything that has to be taken care of before the policy will be valid.

Next you have the client running around taking pictures of everything they own. If its not in the pictures then there is no way you could ever get paid out for it.

Of course the best insurance salesman never tells you about any of the clauses either.
In case of wind, snow, rain, fire, robbery, torching, or any act of God and you will not be paid out. You will find that out after the fact.

If you want to learn how to sell insurance you need to look the client right in the face, lie to them and make sure they believe it. Only then will you know you have made the big time.

How To Sell Insurance-Life Insurance

In the world of how to sell insurance once you have mastered life insurance you have hit the big time.
Now you are all about selling people what you want and not what they really need.  Its all about trick talking and convincing them that it is never enough.

You start pummeling them with words like term, whole life, clauses and so forth.

You are now an expert at explaining how much money people need if there loved one was to die today.  You make sure you sell enough insurance so that the surviving spouse can sit on their butt, get fat and enjoy the greatest things in life.

You become an expert at showing people statistics, you learn all the scare tactics and all so that you can drain their bank accounts.

Honorable Recommendation: 

Hell you even learn how to sell life insurance for their children.  You make sure you walk out of the house with enough policies to have your brief case over flowing.

You leave the house smiling because you know you just made a pile of money and qualified for the company cruise.

Not once does it ever occur to you that you probably just took your clients mortgage and grocery money.  Once you can do all this and sleep at night then its no longer about how to sell insurance but rather about getting dollar signs tattooed on your back.

How To Sell Insurance-The Truth

Well this has been a bit of a spin on how to sell insurance.

The truth of the matter is we all do need insurance.  The problem is knowing exactly what we need.
There are a couple of keys when it comes to buying insurance.  No matter what anyone says it is okay to shop around.  Its okay to educate yourself.

The best and most idea situation is finding an agent you can trust.  This person needs to be someone who can take care of all your needs and someone who will sell you what you need and not what they want.

At the end of the day not having the proper insurance can be very devastating and could make life very difficult.

Just try and see past the swindlers who are learning how to sell insurance as opposed to the ones who really care about you.

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