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Top 6 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Countless annoying gimmicks which claim to be the best solution to belly fat are scattered in almost every corner of the internet today. Determining which of them is actually effective won’t be easy especially for those who have never tried losing weight before. To help you go around with this dilemma, here are the Top 6 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat fast. It’s a fact that losing abdominal fat can’t be done in a matter of days. In most cases, it will take years while other lucky and determined ones managed to reach their goals even just after a few months. Feel free to leave a comment if you think I missed an effective tip that can help anyone lose belly fat that is better than any included in this list. Have a good read everyone and I hope this hub encourages you to aim for a healthier lifestyle!

Don't Waist Your Time on Site Ups

Regardless how many sit-ups you make before going to bed; it won’t get you any closer to a toned stomach. This claim has been proven by numerous studies and confirmed by millions of exercise enthusiasts across the globe. Crunches are not only ineffective but risky as well since it’s a known cause of lower back pain. There are far better abs routines to choose from which include the Swiss-ball pike andSwiss-ball rollout. These abs exercises don’t simply decrease your waistline but strengthen and tone the muscles. Through regular execution, you’ll eventually notice excess fat accumulated in your stomach fading away like magic day after day. Simply increasing your cardio workout’s intensity and duration might do the trick but it’s important to consider weight training as well.
Experts around the globe agree that resistance training offer better results when it comes to eliminating excess fat in challenging areas like the belly. It’s all about dedication and perseverance so pick the best abs exercise and make sure to allocate some for it in a daily basis.

Short But Intense Cardio Workouts

Fat breakdown works more like an automobiles engines. The faster you go in a short period of the time, the more gasoline it will consume. A 2009 study also revealed that a 30 minute cardio exercise which involved intense routines end up with better weight loss results in the tummy area than a 50 minute workout following a steady pace. This is true even if the same amount of calories were burned in the process.
Killing yourself in a stationary bike just to achieve an intense workout is not advisable as well. You can still have a fun conversation with your gym buddies while working out without compromising the activity’s results. Enjoy every minute of it above all so you won’t have a hard time in strictly following your workout schedule. Majority of those who succeeded in trimming of their belly fat ended up with new friends as they consider their gym sessions not as an obligation but an opportunity to relieve stress and have a great time.
 Sleep: The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

The direct relationship between sleep and weight gain has been proven by several studies. Individuals who only allocate up to 6 hours of their day for sleep end up gaining a few pounds more than those maintaining at least 8 hours of sleep in a regular basis. Snoozers are also less prone to obesity compared to those who usually wake up during the middle of the night.
Leptin and Gherlin are two hunger hormones which tend to carry out abnormal productivity if you lack sleep. If you sleep less than the required time, you’ll sooner or later feel hungry and satisfying it with a small amount of food is near impossible. There are several ways to improve your sleeping habit and guarantee that it won’t be interrupted. One of them is by maintaining the right temperature for sleep. It’s also a good practice to drink a glass of hot milk before sleeping since it can introduce relaxation.

Dairy Foods in Your Meals 

Majority of us consider dairy foods as culprits of a strict diet. However, we failed to consider that consuming yogurt, cheese and milk can set forth positive effects to anyone’s weight loss endeavors. It’s a good practice to eat at most 3 cups of yogurt a day.Maintain this approach for at least 12 weeks and you’ll surely end losing more weight particularly in the abdominal area. This technique is proven more effective than those who take calcium pills in the same period of time.
More fat cells mean more belly fat. And probably one of the best way to avoid the accumulation of fat in this area is by consuming calcium-rich foods. Calcium interrupts the process of storing excess fat in the belly. Aside from Calcium, dairy products are also rich with linoleric acid, a compound that can also help prevent and get rid of stored fat in the abdominal area.
Choose The Right Kind of Carbs

Losing belly fat in the least possible time is not about not eating foods high calorie content. In contrary, consuming the right kind of carbohydrates can help you solve this problem. Studies have been made to compare individuals whoconsume substantial amount whole grains such as brown rice, popcorn, dark brad, couscous, bulgur wheat, and cereal fiber to those who eat less of these types of carbohydrate source. The results affirmed that the mentioned carbohydrates sources can help you slash out inches of your waist line in a matter of months or even just a week!
By adding fiber-rich foods in your meals, you’ll feel fuller without overeating. Fiber is also a known antioxidant which can cleanse your body from all sorts of negative compounds. However, always be reminded that anything in exaggeration will end up with bad results. The secret is to eat the right kind of food and keep their amounts enough to satisfy your hunger.

Avoid Late Night Snacks 

Late night snacks should be avoided as much as possible if you are really serious about losing belly fat. It’s not always about what you eat during late night snacks but the fact that no physical activities are expected afterwards to help burn off calories. In most cases, people who eat late night sleep right after. This will result to high sugar levels in the blood stream which will eventually turn into stored fat faster than the usual.

The best way to resist late night hunger is by following a
 low glycemic diet. Appetite often increases together with blood sugar levels. Be strict in keeping your diet and always remember that late night snacks are usually not for nourishing but to simply a bodily reaction to cope with emotional distress. Read a book or do worthwhile pre-sleep activities to keep your thoughts away from eating.

One success will most likely lead to another one. This is why you should track your progress. It will keep you motivated and working hard to lose belly fat. I hope you find this hub helpful but don’t just sit there and continue with your usual daily routine! Regardless how effective these Top 6 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat fast are, they are all pointless without action. There’s no better time to start it but now!

Guest Post By: Nuha Sultana

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