Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five Simple Tips for Writing an Engaging Blog Post that Receive Lots of Comments

he internet is plagued with lots of blog posts and articles, and that makes it very difficult to get people to read your posts. This is a very big challenge every blogger has to endure in order to stay in the blogging game. The good news is that you can really make your blog content stand out from the crowd by following the five simple tips and advice below.

Write a Compelling Headline

One way to stand out from the mass of articles on the internet is by writing attractive and compelling headlines that hook your target audience, and make them want to read the rest of your article. If you write the most useful and informative article in your industry without a magnetic headline, nobody will read it. Why? Because your title is not attractive to people. So spend a great deal of time on writing and polishing your headlines in order to make your articles exceptional among the rest.

Build Rapport

To get your audience engaged with your blog post, your content must resonate with them. In other words, try to address an issue that your prospects are desperate to solve.

Take a second look at the headline of this article that you’re reading now. Who do you think it is written for? Of course it targets those who really want to learn how to write unique posts for their blogs. Anyone who is interested in writing exceptional blog posts will definitely click on this headline just to read the rest of the content. Use the same concept when you’re writing your blog post next time and you’ll be amazed with the result.

Use Simple and Concise Language

The rarest commodity on the internet is people’s attention. People have very short attention spans when reading blog posts online and would not waste a lot of their time on articles that are full of technical terms and industrial jargon. When you’re writing your blog posts, use everyday language that’s very easy to understand. Don’t ramble in your sentence constructions; just go straight to the point and tell it as it is.

Break Your Content into Smaller Paragraphs

One of the first things that scare people away from reading a post is the layout. On the internet, people like to skim through articles. So when you’re writing a blog post, try to break your content into smaller paragraphs that are easy to digest. Also, make your content scannable by adding subheadings in order to encourage your readers to grab the main ideas in your content easily.

Summarize and Conclude

This is the easiest part of a blog post to write. Why? Because you don’t need to write anything new here. Just reiterate your main ideas in every paragraph in this section. But use different words when repeating the main ideas. In addition, this is where you need to repeat a concept that you deem worth emphasizing and conclude your post. Observe how the next paragraph illustrates these final points. 

In summary, to write a top-notch post that stands out from the crowd, you need to pay a lot of attention to your headlines. Make them as compelling and magnetic as possible. Resonate with your target group in your content. Use simple, clear and succinct everyday language that an average person will be able to understand without difficulty. Break your blog post content into smaller paragraphs for easy skimming. Finally, summarize and repeat your main ideas in the concluding part of your blog post. I used the above tips and advice for writing this particular blog post.

Written By Guest Blogger: Jorge Kelly

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