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Make Money from your website through adsense alternative

Most of us only know about Adsense that offers webmasters to earn money by placing ads on their sites. The owner of the site can earn through clicks on those ads. The price earned per click depends upon the max CPC or bid amount for that ad. Throughout the globe adsense has become a source of income for those who have a lot of traffic on their sites. There are similar programs offered by Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing also. Before I begin, I want to tell that I have confidence in adsense, however programs offered by Bing or Yahoo can also be a source of income. Let me elaborate each one by one.

Make Money
Make Money

Google adsense- It is most widely used program that lets web site owners to place text as well as image ads on their site and earn revenue when somebody clicks on it. The only condition for earning is that the clicks must be genuine. Invalid or fraud clicks can lead banning of site for lifetime. Here lifetime means you won't be granted other adsense account, no matter what you do. Google adsense uses its tools to figure out people whose accounts have been banned in the past. They save ip addresses linked with each account. If you change your ip by changing the internet connection, they will match the address of payee name. So practically it is very tough to get back your account or get new account once it is banned.

Yahoo Publisher Network- This is the program that is similar to Google adsense except that it is offered by Yahoo. In this program you place ads on your site that are automatically monitored by Yahoo. Yahoo bots see the content of your site and deliver the ad that is specific to the content of your webpage. You are paid when someone clicks on yahoo ads placed on your site. The amount you earn on each click depends upon many factors such as max CPC (Cost Per Click) of ad. Page rank of your webpage. If you have a high page rank and your content is unique and informative than revenue from each click will likely to be more. This is same as what happens in Google adsense. In YPN you also have the provision for generating specific ads. For example, if you want ads for hotels, then you can generate code for displaying ads for hotels. You can also change the appearance of your ads in YPN. 

Some unique features that is not there in Google adsense is that yahoo offers four ways of collecting revenue. Unlike Adsense where you can get your money only through cheque, Yahoo offers following ways of collecting your earnings.

· Direct bank transfer
· Cheque
· PayPal
· Online deposit

Yahoo uses same tools that Google uses for monitoring the genuinity of ads. So you can be banned as in case of Adsense for fraud clicks. Like Adsense Yahoo is open for any one who want to earn some cash.

Latest update on Yahoo Publisher Network-. With the effect from april 30 2010 Yahoo dcided to shut down its YPN business. The closing of YPN is end of 5 yeras long Yahoo Publisher Network. Yahoo assigned that maintaing Publisher Network requires too many resources which otherwise can be used to provide better user experience for its users. So where the yahoo is sending its existing publishers who were making money. Well the answer is Yahoo is snding all its existing publishers to Chitika well known for providing content relevant ads for websites. Rad on to know more about Chitika.

Chitika- Chitika is another platform similar to adsense or other platform such as pubcenter or YPN. The good thing about chitika is that it has better CTR (Click through rate) and it its pay out per click is much higher than google adsense.

Bing Pubcenter- This is publisher advertising network offered by Microsoft Bing. The program is beta release, so Bing is expecting a lot of feedback from its users. This program is newly launched and is open for citizens of U.S. only. You need to complete a W9 form for applying to this program. Requisites for Pubcenter are

· US tax ID
· Address proof
· Site traffic must be from US only.

Like Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network, you will earn money only when someone clicks on Bing ads on your site. The amount earned per click depends on factors that are present in Adsense and YPN. Here again, Performance is monitored and you can be banned for invalid clicks. High quality, unique and informative content is likely to be accepted in Pubcenter program. Pages with less use of java scripts and graphics can be strong contenders for this program.

You can place both image as well as text ads. You can also customize the look of your ads. A variety of tools and features are present to monitor the performance of your ads. Most of the features of this program is same as that of Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

Adsense vs Chitika vs Bing Pubcenter (which is more Profitable)- There is no direct answer to this question. Which program will give you more cash can’t be predicted. You will know only when you try it yourself. Adsense is said to have more CTR ( Click through Rate, The no of times click is done divided by 100) because of its specific ad placement. Adsense gives you less revenue. However, Adsense generally gives 30- 40 percent of the actual CPC. Here specific ad placement means that the ad shown on your webpage is very much related to the content of your website. Since Google adsense has lot of advertisers they have plenty of ads to show specifically for different content across different webpages. So if you webpage is all about "making money through website" then you might see ad of affiliate or adsense related products.

Chitika on the other hand has much better payout for every click than adsense. Also Chitika click through rate is much higher than its competitors making it one of the best ad revenue generating for websites. Chitika also has specific ad placement related to the content of the website. 

On contrary Yahoo gives 60 -70 of the revenue of actual CPC (cost per click) but CTR of Yahoo is believed to be less because of broad ad placement. By ad placement I mean relevancy of ad to the content of the page. Very specific ad placement means that if your page is about coffee then you will have ads on coffee only on your page. Broad ad placement means that ads of different utility can appear irrespective of the content of your page. To elaborate this point take the example that your website is about "earning through website" then you might get ads about web hosting or some other ads like that which is not very closely related to the content of your webpage. This is owing to the fact that yahoo has less no of advertisers and hence it has less variety of ads to show on its content network.

Since lot of people have already used to see "ads by Google", they know what it is and will certainly won't click out of curiosity. On the other hand YPN and Bing is still very rare so probability of visitor clicking on these ads out of curiosity is much compared to adsense.

Nothing much can be said about ad placement of Bing as it is still very new.

Conclusion- Though Google’s Adsense is most widely used publisher ad placement program, there are other options too that can be used for generating revenue. A experiment spanning a time of few days can be to determine which one is best for your site. The revenue potential through these programs can't be estimated correctly unless it is done correctly.

Writer:  Emily

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