Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog or Diary, which one you choose?

Blog or Diary, which one you choose?

Pattern 1: Mr. David is a businessman. He is a serious person. He remains busy all the day. But he has got a writing hand. A writing hand doesn’t mean he can write a lot of things. He likes to write about his daily life. He likes to keep his everyday experiences black and white. That’s why his hobby is keeping a black-covered diary with him. Although he is too busy to waste time for writing useless things, he does it everyday. Especially during late night before going to bed, he notes down all his informal and personal thoughts of the day. He enjoys doing this. He believes this diary will uncover him after his death. He feels excited when he thinks that his today’s lifestyle will be read by somebody a long time later. How long that would be? One year after death? Two years? An age? A millennium? God knows….
Pattern 2: Vicky is a student. She likes to do every household works by himself. This way she helps her mom in each and every work. Besides doing works, her favorite work is writing. She is not also a reporter or a journalist. She is just a writer. She is a writer who writes for her self-satisfaction. She is a kind of writers, who are nowadays known as blogger. Yes, she writes blog. Everyday she gets time; she turns on her computer and gets connected to the internet and starts writing a blog post about anything she wants. She particularly shares her personal feelings, ideas, thoughts and joy with both known and unknown readers’ audience around the world. She feels too exciting that her simple writings are being read and getting comments from around the world. Even these writings will remain online forever. They will not be deleted as long as no one removes them. This is her best hobby.
Now we’re coming to the point. Vicky and Mr. David are doing same works. They are keeping diaries to keep their memories black and white. But Vicky’s diary is different. It’s a blog. We may name it Digital Diary. Her diary is being read by the entire world. She feels very excited by having her diary online and available at anywhere of the world. We don’t know about Mr. David. He can make his diary Digital one. Owning a blog is too easy and free-of-cost, too. So shouldn’t I suggest him to register for a free blog?

Poll: Blog or Diary, which one would you choose?

Answer 1, Blog: Requires no description. You can keep a blog as your Digital Diary which can be read throughout the world. Oh! Don’t want to share your personal thoughts and ideas with anyone else? No problem. You can “Password Protect” any post or even the entire blog.
Answer 2, Diary: Possibly because keeping a diary is a tradition. Yes, that’s all I found the reason to keep a diary instead of Digital Diary or blog. In my opinion, diaries can be used to note special stuffs down. But don’t forget with the power and rapid growth of technology, you can even read and write blog posts with your internet enabled mobile phone handset. So, the logic of keeping diary seems lame here.
Answer 3, I have a lot of times so I’d keep both of them together: Nice choice. Since you have a lot of times, then you can go for it. Would you please describe what the necessity of diary is when you have a blog and enough time to maintain it?
Answer 4, Not Interested: Then I actually have nothing to say. But I would definitely recommend you to start writing your own thoughts, ideas or anything else you like. Remember, the blog is yours means the right to write is yours, too. Write whatever you wish. DON’T FORGET YOU CAN EVEN EARN MONEY FROM IT!
Please join the survey. It won’t take more than a second. Just look for the voting widget at the left sidebar of this site. Choose your answer and click “Vote” button. Keep in mind that, whatever I say, the vote is yours!
Please let all of your friends, relatives and family members join this survey. Let them know about it. Share the link of this post with everyone you can. Make this poll a powerful one. Thank you very much for your patience.

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