Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Daughter of Sea "KUAKATA" Bangladesh

The Daughter of Sea "KUAKATA" Bangladesh

 kuakata beach 

 Many of the countries in the world are earning a lot of foreign currency from their tourism industry and the sea beach may be the topper according to the hierarchy amongst the events. Apart from different tourism spots, Kuakata, the sea beach of Bangladesh can be the place for the local and foreign tourists. Here has many facilities like roads, transport and security, hotel/motel accommodation. 

I visited Kuakata on 28th September 2012 and was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this beach, as if I’ve fallen in love with the daughter of sea. Also I felt the sufferings of the tourists who came from the different places of the country and still it’s not easier to visit Kuakata, the beautiful tourism spot in Bangladesh.

You are welcome to Kuakata.

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