Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top 10 Websites That Pay For Article Writing

The following is a list of 10 sites that will pay you for writing articles. Some will accept non-fiction only others fiction as well, some other specialized types. There are two types of payments made either per article or pay per performance through ad revenue.

Hubpages like many sites that need people to write pay per performance. They have their own ad program but also allow you to use adsense, amazon and Ebay affliation to earn ad revenue. You get paid for impressions and per click on said ads. You may choose the subject that you write about with no real restrictions. HUBPAGES

2. SUITE 101

Much in the same way Hubpages pays per performance Suite 101 does as well. They accept only non-fiction articles (whereas Hubpages does have a fiction section). How much you make is again dependent on how much you write and how searchable your articles are online. SUITE 101

Families.com is specialized site that releases articles geared to families. When you write articles for them you get paid $4, which after raises can reach as much as $5.50. You most go through a 3 month training period, meet their quality specifications and write article with a minimum of 300 words. FAMILIES.COM


This website pays you for articles and maintains a database of articels which it sells to site who buy content. They pay per article a set rate which depends on a variety factors associated with the types of articles you are writing about. DAILY ARTICLE

Trion is a very complex site which accepts many types of original content. They accept articles and through their large website network have said articles published on appropriate site. You earn 50% of the ad revenue shown where your content is shown. Keep in mind also they accept other types of original content such as: Non-fiction articles, fiction, audio, pictures, video and almost anything else. TRIOND


Pakt is a specialty site that offers tutorials on just about anything. So if you have expertise that you would like to share in the form of a tutorial this is the site for you. You earn money per performance with this website in the form of ad revenue. PAKT

7. E-HOW
If you are an expert on something you can write articles on how-to for many subjects. E-HOW


Xomba is another website that pays you for the popularity of your article through ad revenue shared with the site. XOMBA

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Constant-Content pays you for articles that are accepted to it's website depending on the subject matter and originality. They also have an affiliate program that gives you 5% of revenue for anyone you refer to their site to write articles. CONSTANT-CONTENT


Oboulo is a site that specializes in selling essays if you are in the market to sell they will pay $10 for each essay. OBOULO

Hope all of above website will help you to make money online. I have a personal recommendation for you. There are thousand of way to make money online but most of people can't earn due to proper knowledge. So, when you determine to earn money online you should read and know about the web site. If you think above way is hard for you to earn money online you can make a blog and earn money easily.


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