Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to add Related Posts widget to Blogger Blog Easily

Related post is very important for any site. It may increase your page view as well as page rank. You may ask how related post will increase my page rank? You may know page rank is depend in many elements. Most important element is, how much time visitors spent in your site.
Related post widget thus help you to increase your page rank.

Besides, related post widget will help your visitors to find easily related articles. It may increase your traffic also. Because, when you add this widget into your site it will looks as a professional site. Visitors always like to visit this kind of site. Let's come to the point.

Note: Though here we mention only blogger blog but this widget also worked well in WordPress as well as others platform.

At first log in your blogger blog.

Just enter here.  and find the box as like right side image.

Now fill the above box as like bellow.

Email: Your email address

Blog Link: Your blog site URL

Platform: Select Blogger from the drop down box.

Width: Select any one from the drop down box.

Then click on Get Widget.


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When you will click on Get Widget then a new page will be open as like bellow image.
Now click on Install Wedget. After click on it a new page will be open as like bellow image.

Now just click on Add Widget and immediately it will be install into your blog.

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