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How to Maximize Car Accident Claims

If you are looking for unethical ways to maximize your accident claim, this post isn't for you.  If you are looking to get the most money you can for your accident without lying, cheating, and stealing - read on. 

When you are in a car accident, have a work injury, or any other sort of mishap that was not your fault you are owed compensation for your injuries and a slew of other things.  This post will
show you how to get every penny that you are owed without "gaming" the system.  It involves being very detail-oriented and asking lots of questions.  It will take a little bit more work than just riding it out, but in the long run it's worth it. 

If your situation is very complex, such as a car accident where responsibility is difficult to prove or when there is serious property damage, you may want to seek legal counsel.  Having a lawyer will help you navigate the proceedings and can help you get a much larger settlement (to cover their cost, of course).  If you are unsure of where to turn next you can use a lawyer simply for advice.  This will cost much less than them doing the work for you, and will be very beneficial.
Read on to learn the steps to take to get the most from accident claims.


This may sound obvious but do you remember all of the doctor jargon that you heard when you were in the doctor's office?  Probably not.  Don't hesitate to ask for something in writing.  When it is time to submit your accident claim you will need all of the supporting evidence that you can possibly get.  Without documentation of your injuries it will be your word versus the other insurance company's and they will attack like hyenas.

The same principle goes for any out of pocket expenses you incur from this ordeal.  These could be towing fees, storage fees, office copay, or any situation that you have to use your own cash to further the process.  There may be some expenses that cannot be recouped, but save these receipts anyway.

It's also a good idea to organize all of your documentation by type.  Rather than throwing every piece of paper you get into a folder, create multiple folders for each type of expense (medical, auto, legal, etc.) this is going to make your life much easier when it comes time to calculate everything.

Get Multiple Opinions

This principle applies mostly to medical expenses and auto damage.  If a doctor tells you that you're fine, but you still are in pain visit another doctor and explain your circumstances to them. When assessing the damage to your car or putting a value on a totaled car, get multiple estimations.  Use the highest one for totaled cars and best quality repair shop for fixes to present to the other insurance company for your accident claim.  

The point of accident reimbursement is to get your life back to the same quality it was before the incident.  Don't skip a second opinion now because it saves time and be stuck in pain the rest of your life without the money to get it fixed.  The other party's insurance company is going to get the price of your compensation as low as they possibly can, having these extra opinions and estimates will allow you to have a little more ammunition in your negotiations.

Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions

This is a bit of a continuation of the last step, but it's extremely important as well.  Insurance companies and opposing lawyers may make important things that you need to know sound very complex so that you have a hard time understanding them.  This is a classic trick to help improve their case.  If you don't understand what their talking about ASK!  If the second explanation still doesn't make sense, ask again or get it in writing so that you can have someone else analyze it.  Or, even better, bring someone with you who does understand legal jargon.  Having the help in your corner will improve your odds of success with your accident claim.  Don't let them take advantage of you

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