Saturday, May 11, 2013

Those days has experied to buy Internet Security

Hope you can guess the article to read the title. Absulutely right, that day has experied to buy Internet Security. Today, we will share an update Licence key with you. By that you can use this Internet Security till 2050.

By the way, this is not any hacking or cracking licence! We are using from a long time. The performance of this Internet Security is very good and we very much satisfied with its performance. You can test yourself if you don’t believe us.

Moreover, you may know Internet Security is better then any Antivirus and several times more powerfull then any Antivirus.

You also know that, we had to use Avest Internet Security by perchage. And the price of Avast Internet Security is more than other Internet Security. The price of Avest Internet Security is $50 per year, $ 75 for two years and $100 for three years licence key. But here you will get it totally free.However let’s come to the point.

Step # 1: At first remove your previous Antivirus / Internet Security and restart your computer.

Step # 2: Now download the latest version of Avast Internet Security from here. You can download from other place also.

Step # 3: Now install the Avast Internet Security as like other software and restart your computer.

Step # 4: Now download the License Tools from here and unzip the folder after download.

Step # 5: Now open Avast Internet Security from your computer and click on Settings.

Step # 6: Find Troubleshooting at the bellow and click on it.

Step # 7: Now find Enable avast! Self defense module and untick if it was tick mark. Then press OK and restart your computer.

Step # 8: Now open the Licence Tools folder. From there run the file named Mahabub.exe as Run as administrator.

Step # 9: Now open Avast Internet Security from your computer. You can see a message as like Trial Period not activated. BUY NOW. Do you see it?

Step # 10: Click on Maintenance from Avast Internet Security Menu and then click on Subscription.

Step # 11: Check your internet connection if disconnect pls connect first. Then click on Active Trial Period.

Step # 12: Now you can see your Internet Security Active but not till 2050 is not it? Don’t worry about it. We still with you. Just restart your computer again.

Step # 13: This is most important part of this article so be carefull and do it correctly. See the Licience Tools folder there is a file named Version Dll. Copy it and paste bellow two folder as my derection.

Open C drive => Program Files => Avast Software => Paste in Avast Folder.

Then open C Drive => Program Files => Avast Software => Avast => Paste into Setup Folder.

Open Avast Internet Security from your computer and go to Settings. Then go Troubleshooting and tick mark Enable avast! Self-defense module.

Just restart your computer for last time and check your Avast Internet Security. You can use it till 2050. Now you have no need to buy any Internet Security as well as Antivirus for life time. How your experience was let us know by comment.

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