Thursday, December 13, 2012

National Poet of Bangladesh | Jatiyo Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam (24 May 1899–29 August 1976), sobriquet Bidrohi Kobi (rebel Poet), was a Bengali poet, musician and progressive who pioneered poetic works espousing severe non secular insurrection in opposition to fascism and oppression. His poetry and nationwideist activism earned him the popular title of Bidrohi Kobi ( Poet). reaching a large frame of acclaimed works thru his lifestyles, Nazrul is formally recognised because the nationwide poet of Bangladesh and honored in India.
kazi nazrul islam
Born into a Muslim quazi (justice) circle of relatives in India, Nazrul received spiritual training and worked as a muezzin at an area mosque. He learned of poetry, drama, and literature whilst working with theatrical teams. After serving in the British Indian military, Nazrul based himself as a journalist in Kolkata (then Calcutta ). He assailed the British Raj in India and preached revolution through his poetic works, such as "Bidrohi" ("The Rebel") and "Bhangar Gaan" ("The Song of Destruction"), as well as his publication "Dhumketu" ("The Comet"). His impassioned activism in the Indian independence movement often led to his imprisonment by British authorities. While in prison, Nazrul wrote the "Rajbandir Jabanbandi" ("Deposition of a Political Prisoner"). Exploring the life and conditions of the downtrodden masses of India, Nazrul worked for their emancipation.

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