Sunday, December 9, 2012

Use internet without Modem. Use two computer with one modem!

Hello everyone, hope you all are thinking how is it possible to use internet without Modem? Yes, I should say it is possible and very easy if your friend have an internet connection. Let’s see how to use?

Go to My Network Places => Properties => Select Broadband Connection => Right click on it and select properties.

Now you can see broadband properties dialog box => then select Advances tab => “Allow other network users to connect through this computer" internet connection”  

If the box is blank then click as like above and click ok.
It will ask you to provide your present IP address but you have to give the ip of your friend and click ok.  If the IP has change it will show IP address conflict error. Now press ok and exit. If net has share you can see bellow image.
Now go to PC and select My Network Places” properties, and then select LAN connection. Right click on it and select properties. Now LAN properties dialog box Will come.

Here select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” Now click properties button,” Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties” dialog box will come.

Here you need to give the “Default Gateway” and “DNS Server” IP as shown in the image. Repeat this step on other PCs too. Now use internet with out modem as much as you want.
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