Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gmail is better than other, Why you use gmail as your personal email?

I suppose who is smart he must has a personal email account. And normally we use free email from free email service provider e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc. as our personal email. One person may use multiple email account for different purpose. Who is interested to Earn Money from Online may he needs multiple email. I also use a free email as my personal email account. I take service from Gmail. Now I tell why you take Gmail service.
gmail logo: why I use
1. Gmail is a free service of Online King Google.
2. Normally Gmail is loaded fast than other.
3. Very simple and user friendly design.
4. Its spam mail filtering capacity is better than other. And you also know less spamming means less harm probability.
5. Easily you can create Label as your choice.
6. You can use search option to find out your exact mail.
7. It contains built in chat option. So you can chatting use Gmail.
8. You can send free SMS and can make cheapest call world wide.
9. Gmail give you more than 10 GB space.
10. Gmail also give you Priority Inbox. And automatically high priority mail stay here.
11. Gmail give you better security than other. You can use two step verification. Two step verification means you can use your mobile phone as your second security. And it is very useful.
12. Finally you can take approximately all Google service by using a Gmail account to give access without any sing up.
So I suggest to all use Gmail as your personal emal. If you don't know how to create Gmail account

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